Established in 2003, FootBalance is a Finland based insoles manufacturer, founded by physiotherapist Erkki Hakkala with the goal of increasing well-being and mobility of people across the globe. Every individual is unique and is hence worthy of a personalized care. FootBalance strives to enhance the performance of people in every walk of life.

A modern and cost-effective method of helping patients.

  • The unique FootBalance FitZone 3D process analyses the client’s foot type and identifies its effects on health in a personal foot analysis.
  • After this, individual insoles are designed for the customer.
  • The innovative process takes only 10 minutes to give every individual’s feet the customized comfort and care they deserve.
All FootBalance products are designed in Finland. The insoles are sold in over 50 countries, across 6 continents at retail stores including sports and footwear stores as well as department stores and physiotherapy clinics.

Why FootBalance?

Our feet bear the entire weight of the body and hence it is important to ensure foot health. Yet they are often overlooked in most injuries and pains.
More than 75 percent of the population has some degree of leg misalignment, such as overpronation or supination. The effects can be felt throughout the body – either as muscle and joint pain or as more serious problems.
Everyone’s feet are unique, and often the right and left feet are also different. FootBalance’s foot analysis identifies your foot type, and individual insoles are custom moulded separately for each foot. The insoles guide your feet to a neutral position, which helps improve the alignment of your entire body. Our body relies on our feet for this alignment.

Take the step towards well-being

  • According to an independent study by the Universities of Jyväskylä and Salzburg, FootBalance’s 100% individual insoles can prevent injuries and help in pain management.
  • FootBalance’s operations are based on strong physiotherapeutic expertise and are scientifically designed for health and comfort.
  • The insoles provide support and strong flexibility along with shock absorption.
  • All insoles come with a one-year standard warranty.

Broad Uses

Flat feet, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon, ankle pain, hallux valgus, diabetes, sports players, marathon runners, etc.

Not just for medical purpose!

FootBalance is for your everyday well-being. FootBalance caters to people of all ages, coming from all walks of life. Different models of insoles are designed for specific purposes such as sports, medical, kids, formal footwear, etc.

About Stepeaz

Stepeaz is committed to deliver niche services to people for enhancing their performance in every field of work. We bridge the gaps between where individuals stand today, and the peak in performance they aspire to achieve.

Our mantra is Purpose. Perfection. Performance.

This is what we endeavour to accomplish. Often small gaps and loopholes are overlooked as individuals may not have the right access in their line of work. But exposure to these niche areas is crucial for enhancing their performance. We are here to keep you going.
Introducing FootBalance to the people of Ahmedabad seems just about the right start to a long journey. It is the unique identification code for your performance and comfort. For Stepeaz, associating with FootBalance is very symbolic of our approach.
– One step at a time and putting your best foot forward.

Know our founder - Anoushka Parikh

Former India #1in Badminton, Anoushka Parikh holds the career best world ranking of #43 in mixed doubles and has represented India since 2011. With several state, national, and international titles to her credit, she has trained under world renowned coaches across India, Malaysia, and Indonesia.
Anoushka’s vast experiences gained through her culture, game and extensive travel across the globe have been quite enlightening.
“As a player, I have a deep sense of duty towards sports that has given me immensely. There is a desire and a dream to fill the gaps that many others face in the process of achieving their goals. However, I have come to realize that these gaps are not restricted to athletes but also apply to the general population. People’s field of play may differ but their challenges are comparable.”
How FootBalance made a difference…
“Throughout my playing years, I have faced a lot of issues with my feet which often affected my game. Insoles have been a part of my gear ever since I was 10 years old. But in 2019 when I began to use 100% custom made FootBalance insoles, I experienced tangible difference in my foot condition, pain and of course, performance. ” “Being a professional badminton player, I understand and realize the importance of the little things we need to do that boost our performance. It is the “extra” that makes one extraordinary.”


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